First Bra Fitting? 4 Things to Expect

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Never been to a bra fitting before? Fear not! You aren't alone.

Many women forgo a professional fitting and instead opt to guess their size through trial and error. The trouble with this method is that it often results in a bra that just doesn't fit the way it should -- Maybe it's almost right, but it just doesn't make you go wow. We want a wow!

This is where the professional fitters at Allure Intimate Apparel come in. Here are a few things to expect when coming in for a fitting.

1.) Shirts Off!

After being greeted, an Allure bra fit specialist will direct you to an open fitting room and ask you to dress down to your current bra. This is so the bra fitter can get an accurate measurement and find the best fit for you. If you came in wearing a dress and don't really want to stand around in your bra and panties, feel free to ask for something to put on -- the fitter will always accommodate your needs and will follow your comfort level.

2.) Getting Measured: You Might Be Surprised

Next, the Allure fitter will take two measurements: one around your rib cage just below your breast tissue, and next around the fullest section of your breast tissue. The first measurement is for your band, the second is for your cup.

You might be surprised by the size the fitter brings in for you -- particularly the cup. A lot of department stores carry up to a DD, so we tend to think that anything above that must be outrageous. But here's the thing: cup size is proportional to band size. The letter of your cup might sound scary because you're used to wearing a band that is too loose.

For example, let's say you're used to wearing a 38D -- you wear the bra at the tightest hook, it might move around a little, but the cup fits. Then let's say the fitter measures you at a 34 band, and brings in a 34F. Naturally, you might find yourself thinking, "An F cup? No way, I was a D cup!"

Here's what happened.

Your bra fit specialist measured you into a band that you can wear on the most loose hook (instead of the tightest hook, like you were used to). When you go down in the band, you go up in the cup. So, an F might sound much bigger than a D, but it really depends on the band size!
It's also important to remember that cup sizes are not universal! While a 34F might fit great in one style, a slightly different size might give a better fit in another style. You may end up walking out with bras in several sizes.

Your Allure bra fit specialist will work with you to find the perfect fit, in whatever style you are looking for. As you try things on, hopefully you'll find that you care less and less about those numbers and letters and care more about how you look and feel in the bras. Because that's what really matters!

3.) Let's Talk Breast Tissue

After you have been measured, your Allure bra fitter will bring in some styles for you to try on. You can have them leave the fitting room, or stay in the room while you change -- again, the fitter will adhere to your comfort level.

Once you have the bra on, your fit specialist will discuss the fit with you. They may ask to adjust your breast tissue in order to modify the way you are fitting in the bra. It may feel awkward to talk about your breasts with a complete stranger, but remember: we are bra fit specialists. We work with women every day to address their needs and find bras best suited to meet them.

Your Allure bra fitter will discuss what they are looking for in a well-fitting bra, assess the fit of the one they put you in, and make adjustments as necessary. If there is something you don't like about a bra, let your fitter know! If you have questions, ask away! Your bra fit specialist is there to help you.

4.) Lots To Learn

You will likely learn a lot in your first fitting. From how a bra should fit, to different styles and what to wear them with, to what works best with different body types, there is a lot of information to absorb. Think of your Allure bra fitter as your personal bra resource. Who better to ask your style and fit questions than a bra fit specialist!

At Allure Intimate Apparel, we always keep size and style preferences for each customer on record, so if you have a question after your visit, feel free to give the store a call!

But the most important thing you may learn is that bra shopping isn't as hard as you thought. A lot of women may put off a bra fitting because they think it will be difficult, embarrassing, or maybe just a boring chore. Hopefully you will not only find the perfect bras for you, but have fun doing it!


With any luck, this will have demystified your first bra fitting experience. It's important for every woman to have well fitting, supportive bras that she feels comfortable and happy in. At Allure Intimate Apparel, we seek to form a relationship with each of our customers so that she can have those wow moments. With over 150 sizes, we fit every woman.

With that said, we look forward to seeing you in one of our locations for your fitting!


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