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Sports Bras 101

Ladies, finding the perfect sports bra is just as important to your workout as your warm-up. The perfect sports bra will allow you to move, stretch, and sweat all while providing as much support as your closest girlfriend!

Let's take a look at the three basic "levels" of sports bras: Low, Medium, and High Impact.


What do I wear them for?
Think yoga, a gentle pilates class, or even strength training. "Low Impact" doesn't mean the workout is easy, it just means there isn't a lot of harsh up and down movement that would cause "bounce" in the bust.

What do I need?
For low impact workouts, you're going to want something really comfortable with a lot of stretch and some light compression that makes you feel supported and covered.

Can you show me an example?
The new sport style from CoziGirl is a perfect low-impact sports bra with plenty of stretch and a soft, breathable fabric. Its over-the-head styling allows for no-fuss dressing an…

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