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One Month In!

It has officially been one whole month since I've started at Allure. What a fun whirlwind of a month. Let me tell you that I never realized how much goes into finding the perfect fitting bra for every woman. All Allure locations carry over 150 sizes! Mass retailers don't even carry a fraction of the sizes Allure carries. From petite to plus, Allure truly has it all for every woman.

I won't lie, before I started at Allure, I was measured at a big box retailer at 40D. Thanks to my new friends and co-workers at Allure, I'm actually a 36GG! Are you kidding me? From 40D to a 36GG! SHOOK.

Here are a just few big things I've learned this first month:

The band around your rib cage provides the majority, 80%, of support and lift. Bra straps should be comfortable and snug to avoid pain and discomfort. When the band is snug and properly fit, it will do most of the hard work of lifting the breasts.
Never wear the same bra two days in a row. Every bra should have a day to rest be…

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