3 Bras Your New Year's Outfit Needs

Christmas has come and gone, but the Holiday Outfits aren't quite behind us. There's still New Year's Eve parties to plan for, and with the New Year less than a week away, you'll want to lock down the right bra sooner rather than later. Luckily for you, Allure Girl is here with 3 perfect bra solutions for you to ring in the new year.

1.)  Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are truly the best bras for dresses or garments that are off-the-shoulder, strapless, halter, or any other tricky style top. No more distracting straps drawing attention away from your outfit!

Strapless bras get a bad rap — If you've ever bought a $20 strapless, then you're familiar with all that frustrating tugging and pulling. But if you thought strapless bras weren't for you, think again! Get properly fitted for a quality strapless bra at Allure, and it'll quickly become your best friend.

Allure carries only high-quality strapless bras engineered to stay up as long as you do, featuring details like silicone edges to keep you supported all night long. Worried a strapless wouldn't be up to the task of supporting a large cup size? Allure carries strapless bras up to a J CUP that are engineered to support with vertical seams for shaping and sturdy bands that won't quit.

If you need a strapless for a big night, we recommend bringing the dress you plan on wearing to your fitting. Your fitter will help you find the PERFECT thing to wear!

2. Plunge Bras

If your New Year's look includes a low-cut neckline, a plunge bra could be your outfit's saving grace. Angled cups and short wires allow for the deep v-shape, meaning you won't have to keep glancing down to make sure your bra isn't showing. Wide-set straps also allow you to stop worrying about needing to tuck the pesky things away — they'll stay safely hidden.

Allure carries beautiful plunge bras in a variety of colors, styles, and of course an expansive size range from petite to plus. Tell your bra fitter you need something for a low-cut top, and she'll bring you some amazing plunges to try!

3. NuBra

Is your New Year's look plunging AND strapless? Does it involve a dazzlingly low cut back? Allure has just the thing!

NuBra's adhesive cups are the solution for your most daring of outfit choices. The medical-grade adhesive ensures these cups will stay in place and will require no adjusting as the night goes on. There are multiple ways to wear NuBra cups, depending on the look you want, and they are now available up to a G cup! Finally an alternative to going bra-less for those bold looks!


Armed with one (or all!) of these bra choices, there's not an outfit in the world that can be thwarted by undergarment difficulties. If you're looking for shapewear, Allure carries a wide selection of that as well!

Visit Allure and ring in the new year with confidence!


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